At Luna Amatores, I’m hugely focused on conscious and ethical sourcing. To ensure my business is as ethical as possible, I make sure I work only with honest, reputable carvers and suppliers (this applies to both decorative crystals and the crystals I use to create jewellery with). I primarily work with smaller, family owned businesses in Brazil, Mexico, India, South Africa and Pakistan among other countries. If I’m having something custom carved for Luna Amatores, I love to request videos from my wonderful carvers! This is partly because I’m nosey and really enjoy seeing the process, but also because it helps keep my mind at ease that they are working in good, safe conditions. One of my biggest suppliers in South Africa runs community projects where they make jewellery or carve special crystals. I love supporting these projects as it helps communities in Africa bring a good income in for their families and learn new skills to continue to bring money to their family with their own businesses once the project has finished.


Sustainability is so important to me, which is why I recycle as much packaging as I can (and I hope you can do the same when you’ve received your Luna Amatores package). Bubble wrap is something I haven’t had to purchase for years as I reuse all bubble-wrap from my suppliers (and my friends often ask if I want their bubble wrap rather than them throwing it out!). I package all orders in cardboard boxes or paper bags (in-store only) which can be reused or fully recycled at home once tape has been removed. The packaging peanuts I buy are made from corn starch which is 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and compostable. Please be aware that I will mix in other packaging peanuts whenever I receive them in packaging (hence the occasional different coloured peanuts!), which may not be the same brand as the peanuts I buy and therefore may not be starch based. And easy way to check is by popping them in water – starch based packaging will dissolve! Currently I am working my way through a large supply of packaging tape which is unfortunately plastic. When this has been used up, I’ll be switching to my new recyclable paper tape. All Luna Amatores labels and business cards are recyclable and either heat printed (old address labels only) or printed with acid free vegetable ink.


Over the past few years I’ve seen more and more businesses supporting reforestation and climate projects, which I absolutely love the idea of! I’ve been looking into different non-profit organisations to donate to & support and have chosen Ecologi. You can see my Ecologi profile here. Every time you place an order through the Luna Amatores website, a new tree will be planted (donations are currently made monthly)! Ecologi’s main tree planting sites are in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua. They plant a native and biodiverse mix of tree species and their planting projects help to support local communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers. You can find out more about Ecologi here