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Crystal Affirmation Cards: Golden Aura Edition

Crystal Affirmation Cards: Golden Aura Edition

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Beautiful crystal affirmation cards created by the wonderful Moonstruck Crystals. Luna Amatores is the first UK stockist!

Learn the properties of crystals through their corresponding affirmations! Affirmations are positive statements that influence thought patterns and help manifest desired outcomes.

How to use:

Shuffle the cards before using, to transmit your own energy into the deck and receive tailored messages according to your own energy, then pull one randomly or choose intuitively. Consider the affirmation as something the universe is telling you to focus on.

60 crystal affirmation cards in a box + crystal properties booklet. Card size: 3.5” x 5”, artwork by Kara Pavlik and written by Lulu Tineo & Kara Pavlik

Cards are matte finish with gold holographic rainbow foil print on both sides and gold holographic rainbow edges*

*please note: foil edge is made by hand, not machine, and handmade items, by nature, may have imperfections.

The box is scratch-resistant matte with gold holographic rainbow foil on both sides. The booklet is full color printed.

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